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getting your organisation or company’s

branding spot on is one of the most effective ways of communicating with your

target audience.


from giving you a current brand

assessment, we will develop your brand vision

and brand strategy and PR before arming you with the right visual communications tools needed to ensure that you either rise above your competitors marketing noise or increase public recognition. whatever your objectives,

we’ve got it covered.

here at creative cube we really do

believe in creativity! this means being creative

in every area - not just the overall execution

and art direction of an ad but the shape,

format and the page positioning.


at creative cube we are passionate about creativity and passionate about ensuring our

work exceeds our clients' objectives.


from market leaders to local businesses;

our clients will all testify to the positive results that working with creative cube has brought

to their advertising activity.

visual media marketing is a specialist area

that cube have vast amounts of experience in.


from the creation of 30 and 40 second tv commercials, through to cd roms, interactive corporate presentations, touch screen

displays and 3D animation, creative cube can make your business more visible, appealing

and dynamic – without it costing the earth.


our multimedia project management

capabilities enable us to hire the best

technicians in the business on an “as required” basis, to bring together all the necessary elements required to create top class visual marketing messages that will truly enhance

your brand image and perception.

building a website to promote your company

is easy enough to do. but if that website is

poorly designed, organised and cluttered, or features content that isn’t compelling, you will experience difficulty making it a sales success, which may end up damaging your brand.

we know website design inside out.


our team of marketing professionals,

copywriters, graphic designers and programmers understand the methods required to create

clean, crisp websites with content and imagery

set out in an attractive format with easy to

use navigation.

creative cube’s extensive event management

experience covers areas such as corporate meetings, road shows, seminars, exhibitions, conferences, and product launches.


we look after all of the creative, technical

and logistical elements of any event for you, ensuring that you make exactly the right impression upon your audience.


our experience in exhibitions and outdoor

media can help you take advantage of one of the most cost effective and efficient methods of conveying your brand or product, and the right exhibition display can have huge impact and needn’t cost the earth.

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